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Come for the mission, stay for the team

Welcome 👋 — we’re on a mission to create a more inclusive financial world and we’d like your help to get there. We’re excited you’re considering joining our team - the work you do with Donut could be the most impactful of your career.


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A word from our CEO

CEO Neel Popat
CEO Neel Popat

At Donut, we empower anyone to build wealth through digital assets, so they can live better.

Today we’re experiencing a monumental shift in financial services from traditional banks to decentralized finance (DeFi). The days when financial tools served only elites and institutions are coming to an end—with DeFi, anyone can earn.

In today's world, the cornerstones of financial security—buying a house or paying down student debt—are near-impossible. At Donut, it’s our responsibility to arm a generation with the tools they need to achieve financial independence.

But DeFi should be simple. So we’re curating approachable, engaging opportunities to earn through an app that’s as easy to use as everyday financial services like Venmo or Wealthfront.

We believe that DeFi will create a more inclusive financial ecosystem, taking a slice out of traditional asset management for good. Our community of over 10,000 users are already leveraging DeFi to earn a fixed (4%) and variable (up to 10%) APY. We’re building a world that empowers widespread financial independence and we’d love you to join us in realizing this vision.


Our team

The team combines diverse backgrounds across finance, crypto and consumer tech to build a safer and easier way earn with DeFi.


Our values

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Communicate & support

If you feel like holding something in, don't. Whatever the question, we believe that communication is the answer. Honest and direct communication helps us move forward, even if it's difficult in the moment. We support each other whilst pushing each other to do the best possible work. Who were you open with today?

Diversity is integrity

We are a team of unique individuals and welcome people of all backgrounds and identities. Everyone has a voice and we are committed to an equal and equitable workplace, emphasizing awareness, and learning with zero tolerance for hateful, judgmental behavior. We believe diversity in perspective is a key to success. How did you encourage diverse thinking today?

Try, learn and develop

We want to take risks, dare, and learn from our mistakes. We understand that true growth opportunities come from failure, and no individual is ever to blame. We relish these chances to continuously grow and share what we've learned so others can grow, too. We admit our weaknesses and are ambitious to become better. What did you try and learn today?


How does this work? Why choose A over B? Understanding cannot exist without great questions. We listen to what others have to say, and consider each other's point of view. We challenge respectfully, disagree thoughtfully and encourage one another to think from first principles.

We Deliver

We care about creating impact on people's lives and strive to make things happen, against all odds. We value outcomes over process and take lead for our goals that serve the greater purpose and mission. We're all working together to build something extraordinary and strive for excellence, can the team rely on you today?


We're relentlessly focused on our customers. They are an extension of our team. We always start with customer problems and work our way back. Their feedback, behaviour, and experiences fuel our business. How did you help our customers today?

Perks and benefits

Prioritizing wellness on and off the clock.

🌍 Flexible remote work policy
💻 Custom equipment setup
🏖 Vacation days
💪 Company ownership
🎒 Company retreats
🏡 Coworking membership
👭 Working with diverse people
👩‍🏫 Personal development budget
🇺🇸 US / EU relocation
🧘 Wellness days

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Any questions?

We're expanding quickly and would love to hear from you! If you have any questions please email Will at


Empowering anyone to build wealth.